Dr. David Spainhower

Dr. David Spainhower is a 1993 graduate of Creighton University, School of Dentistry. He began practicing dentistry in Layton, Utah where he married his wife, Sherry, of twenty-two years. He is the father of five wonderful sons. Dr. Spainhower believes that God and Family come first, and he exemplifies this in the way that he lives his life in the service of others.

For 15 years he volunteered each month at the Rescue Mission on Wall Street in Ogden helping pull teeth for the homeless. For six years the staff and other dentists and hygienists came to our office for “Dentistry With A Heart”, a free dental day, on a first come, first serve basis. On average we gave a way $16.000.00 of free dentistry on that one day alone.

Dr. Spainhower has dedicated his professional career to providing those in our community with the best possible care. He attends classes every year above and beyond what is required to better his skills and provide the best dentistry has to offer.

He has a passion for helping people with jaw pain, also called TMJD (Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) He developed a comfortable oral maxillary appliance or night guard called “SmartGuard” to help relieve those suffering with TMJ, nighttime grinding and clenching issues. He owns 4 patents on TMJ appliances used by other dentists that have helped over 300,000 people in 10 countries around the world with grinding and TMJ issues.

Dr. Spainhower finds joy in his practice. He is quoted saying, “I love seeing my patients grow up into adulthood to start families of their own and continue every six months coming in for their cleanings and getting caught up with what’s new. I consider my patients dear friends and family, and my staff feel the same way. I am so lucky to have the staff that I have working with me. I love working with them. They love helping our patients as do I”.